Administrative fee for registration until 15 April 2014

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Who is obliged to pay an administrative fee to the Office?

A payer thus a person obliged to pay the administrative fee for registration of filing system of personal data is the controller who lodged a request for registration or amendment of registration of filling system at the Office until 15 April 2014.


How can I pay the administrative fee?

The fee collected by the Office is possible to pay from bank account, by postal order to the Office’s account, in cash at the desk of the Office or by duty stamps (until 30 September 2014).


To which account can be paid an administrative fee by bank transfer?

Bank account: 7000060371
Bank: State treasury, Bank code 8180
Variable symbol: (introduce a controller’s identification number; in case you have not assigned the identification number, introduce 88888888)
Constant symbol: 0558
Message to recipient: Registracia
IBAN: SK9781800000007000060371
You have to send a copy of payment to the Office in case of postal order. 


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