Controller´s representative and sub-processor

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Controller´s representative

The controller, which does not have a registered office, organizational unit, business premises or permanent residence on the territory of the Member States of the European Union or European Economic Area is obliged to appoint its representative with registered office, place of business or permanent residence on the territory of the Slovak Republic prior to the commencement of personal data processing.

The controller´s representative is obliged to keep the original of the document establishing its appointment as representative of the controller and to demonstrate it to the Office at any request. The authenticity of signatures and the print of controller´s stamp on the original must be officially certified.

The provisions of this Act about the controller apply to the controller’s representative accordingly.


The sub-processor processes personal data pursuant to agreement between the controller and the processor in which the controller expressed his consent with designation of another person  - sub-processor.

The sub-processor processes personal data and provides their protection on processor´s liability.

Provisions of this Act about the processor are also relevant for the sub-processor. The Office considers the sub-processor as the processor.


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