Data Subject

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Everyone has the right to protection against unwarranted
interference in his private and family life.

Constitution of the Slovak Republic, Art. 19 Par. 2


Everyone shall have the right to be protected against
unauthorized collection, disclosure or any other
misuse of his or her personal data.

Constitution of the Slovak Republic, Art. 19 Par. 3


Data subject is any natural person, whose personal data are regarded to. Only individual natural person may be considered as data subject regardless of his citizenship. In no way may legal person be considered as natural person. Same applies with natural persons – entrepreneurs while acting within their business activity.

Protection of personal data, especially privacy of their processing, is a sensitive area of fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons guaranteed by the Constitution of the Slovak Republic. Personal data are a gateway to privacy of everyone. Now, it is the time of great expansion of information technologies that in last years brought not only benefits but also threats. However, we can avoid various unintended consequences by careful behaviour such as restrict other person to act on our behalf with regards to our financial accounts, issue invoices, buy and use paid services on our behalf and carry out a variety of scams. Defending of our own integrity in these matters can be burdensome and time-consuming; moreover without a guarantee that caused injuries will be fully reimbursed.

If you have a suspicion that your personal data have been misused, please contact the Office for Personal Data Protection via written notification concerning suspicion of a breach of obligations or provisions of PDP Act or contact the nearest police department.

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