Duties of the DPO

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Before commencement of the processing of personal data in the filing system the Data Protection Officer (DPO) shall be obliged to assess whether any danger of violation of the rights and freedoms of data subjects arises from their processing (e.g. he/she shall asses appropriateness of the legal basis, appropriateness of elaborated safety measures in the context of type, manner and means of processing, compliance of the purpose of the processing with the according legislation, etc.).

The DPO shall be obliged to notify the person who designated him/her in writing without undue delay of any determination of violation of the rights and freedoms of data subjects before commencement of the processing or of determination of a breach of statutory provisions in the course of the processing of personal data.

The DPO is controller´s contact person with the Office, he/she communicates with it and provides necessary cooperation in the course of fulfilling its duties. The DPO further provides

  • surveillance of correct and continuous fulfilment of basic obligations of the controller,
  • an instruction of the entitled persons,
  • fulfilment of the data subjects requests while exercising their rights,
  • complex execution of the safety measures and their actualization,
  • surveillance of selection of the processors and monitors the relationship between the controller and the processor in the course of the duration of the contractual relationship,
  • surveillance of the cross-border data transfer,
  • maintaining of special registration agenda or keeping records of the personal data filing systems.


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