Exam of Data Protection Officer

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Where and when may I take the exam?


The exam is held at the Office in Bratislava, is free of charge and time and dates of exams are continuously published on its website. The exam may be held also outside the Office. For further information on how to apply for an exam see section “application for the exam of the DPO”


What does the exam consist of?


The purpose of exam is to determine whether a natural person has necessary professional knowledge to exercise the surveillance of personal data protection. The examination is oriented on the knowledge of generally binding regulations which cover the area of personal data protection. Specific range of the questions is stated in the annex of the decree of the Office which states the particulars on the exam of the natural person for the exercising of the function of the DPO. The range of questions consists of

  • fundamental rights and freedoms
  • personal data protection pursuant to the Act
  • protection of personality pursuant to the Civil Code
  • processing of personal data in employment relationship and privacy of the employees in the workplace and in the common premises of the employer
  • criminal offence of the unlawful disposition of personal data


What is the process of the exam?


The exam will be executed by means of a written test which shall consist of 20 questions. One point shall be awarded for each successfully answered question. The time-limit for execution of the written test is determined to 30 minutes. It is necessary to obtain at least 15 points; therefore the participants of the exam have the tolerance of 5 unsuccessful answers. If the participant shall fail the exam he/she may participate on the exam repeatedly but not sooner than 60 days´ time from the date of the previous unsuccessful exam.

The natural person who passed the exam successfully and does not exercise the function of the data protection officer longer than two years is obliged to repeat the exam.


Certificate on successful passing of the exam


Applicant who successfully passed the exam shall obtain a certificate and may be designated as the DPO.


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