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The Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter as the “Office”) fulfils a notification obligation in relation to bodies of the European Commission, adopts measures to perform decisions of the European Commission in the field of personal data protection and cooperates with various partners. Main partners of the Office at the European level are in particularly Directorate General for Justice, Directorate C3 – Fundamental rights and Union citizenship and European Data Protection Supervisor. The Office also participates actively in the work of various working created by the European Commission. The task of these groups is for ex. the elaboration of opinions to application of Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (Article 29 Working Party), the performance of data protection supervision in the Europol (JSB Europol), within the frame of Schengen (JSA SIS) or Customs Information System (JSA CIS) etc. In order to ensure more effective level of personal data protection The Office cooperates not only with the Data Protection Authorities of EU Member State but also with DPA of third countries.


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