How to submit a petition initiating the procedure of personal data protection

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How can I submit the petition to exercise my rights?
The petition which is aimed at exercising data subject´s rights must be addressed directly to the controller or processor where designated.

The petition must be submitted:
    a) in writing or
    b) in person, verbally into the record, this request must be clear on who executes his rights, what right is he executing and who and when created the record, his signature and the signature of the data subject, controller is obliged to deliver a copy of the record to the data subject.

Petition submitted via electronic mail or fax has to be delivered into written form within three days from the date of its dispatch.

If the data subject claims his right at the processor´s he shall be obliged to deliver this request or record to the controller without undue delay.

What if the data subject does not enjoy full legal capacity?
If the data subject does not enjoy full legal capacity, his rights may be exercised by his legal representative.

What if the data subject is deceased?
If the data subject is deceased, his rights which he had pursuant to this Act may be exercised by his close person (Section 116 of the Civil Code).


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