Joint Supervision Body of EUROPOL

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The Joint Supervisory Body of Europol or JSB Europol has been established on the basis of the Article 34 of the Council Decision 2009/371/SVV establishing the European Police Office (Europol) due to the supervision of the processing of personal data by Europol. The JSB Europol is composed of not more than two members or representatives (where appropriate assisted by alternates) of each of the national supervisory bodies guaranteed to be independent and having the necessary abilities, and appointed for five years by each Member State. Each delegation has one voice. In the performance of their duties, the members of the JSB Europol are independent. The JSB Europol appoints a chairman from among its members. 

Europol is law enforcement organisation with the responsibility within the whole EU. Its main objective is to provide assistance to Member States to prevent organized crime, terrorism and other forms of serious crime when this relates two or more Member States. Europol treats a huge amount of sensitive data on data subjects and it is important to take in to account rights of these data subjects when processing their data.

Secretariat of the Joint Supervisory Body of Europol
Rue de la Loi 175
Bureau: 0070FL59
B-1048 Brussels

More information you can find on the web site of the JSB Europol.


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