Obligations of entitled person

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Entitled person is obliged particularly to:

  • respect the obligations defined by controller, particularly in the context of acts of internal management, compliance and ethics etc.,
  • obtain only the necessary personal data solely for law established or defined purpose based on his work position,
  • perform permitted processing operations only with correct, complete and updated as necessary personal data in relation to the purpose of processing,
  • inform the data subject prior to obtaining personal data on the name and location of the controller, the purpose of personal data processing, the extent of processing of personal data, the expected range of third parties or recipients when providing or making available of personal data, form of publication if personal data are being published and third countries, if it is assumed, or it is obvious that personal data shall be transferred,
  • instruct the data subject that the provision of personal data is voluntary or mandatory and on existence of his rights under the PDP Act,
  • provide credibly proven consent for the personal data processing of the data subject, if personal data are processed on the basis of the consent of data subject, or where required by PDP Act or special act,
  • where appropriate, demonstrate entitled person´s reference to the controller (e. g. service identification),
  • act solely in accordance with the technical, organizational and personal measures taken by the controller,
  • protect provided documents and files from loss, damage and misuse, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure or other unauthorized forms of processing,
  • carry out the liquidation of personal data which are part of useless working documents (e. g. various work files, drafts of documents in paper form) by their erasure or physical destruction of in order that personal data could not be reproduced,
  • maintain the obligation to secrecy,
  • in case of ambiguity while processing personal data to contact the controller or data protection officer,
  • comply with all obligations which the entitled person was instructed.

In the scope of inspection of personal data processing the entitled person is obliged in particular to:

  • provide the Office with necessary cooperation when it performs its supervision,
  • permit a verification of his/her identity and provide a proof of his/her affiliation to the controlled person performed by the Office during the inspection,
  • refrain from actions that could undermine the performance of inspection,
  • enable the inspection authority to perform other responsibilities of inspection authority
  • familiarize himself with the content of the protocol and to appear upon the request of the in case the entitled person is a statutory body or a person authorized to act on behalf of the statutory body,
  • inspection authority for its discussion, in case the entitled person is a statutory body or a person authorized to act on behalf of the statutory body.

The entitled person may not use personal data processed by the controller for his/her personal purpose or purpose of other persons or other purposes than for employment purpose pursuant to the record on his/her instruction.  


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