Obligations of the inspection authority

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The inspection authority shall be obliged to act in such manner that the rights and interests protected by the law of the inspected person shall not be affected.


The inspection authority has following obligations

  • to notify the inspected person in advance of the subject-matter of the inspection and prove his relation to the Office before commencing the inspection,
  • to elaborate a protocol on execution of the inspection (hereinafter the "protocol"),
  • to state findings resulting from the inspection in the protocol,
  • to notify the inspected person of the findings resulting from the inspection and request him for a written opinion on all facts justifying enforcing of the legal liability; state in the protocol the objections filed to the findings resulting from the inspection from the viewpoint of their truthfulness, completeness and provability,
  • to give to the inspected person one copy of the protocol or of a record of the inspection or their copies,
  • to confirm to the inspected person in writing the receipt of the copies of documents, written documents, copies of storage media and of other records and ensure their due protection against loss, destruction or abuse.
  • to check the justification of objections of the inspected person and to take into account justification of objections in the protocol and to inform the inspected person of its content
  • to discuss the protocol with the inspected person and elaborate a record of such discussion


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