Principles regarding personal data processing

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It is necessary to follow these basic principles in the course of the processing:

  1. to determine the purpose of personal data processing before starting the processing of personal data; the purpose of personal data processing has to be determined unambiguously and concretely and has to be in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, constitutional Laws, Laws and international treaties which the Slovak Republic is bounded by,
  2. to determine the conditions of personal data processing ,
  3. to obtain personal data solely for a defined or determined purpose; obtaining of personal data under the pretext of a different purpose or activity shall be inadmissible,
  4. to ensure that only such personal data are processed, the extent and contents of which correspond with the purpose of their processing and are necessary for its achieving,
  5. to ensure that personal data are processed and used solely in the manner adequate to the purpose for which they were collected; combining of personal data obtained for various purposes shall be inadmissible,
  6. to process only accurate, complete and, where necessary, updated personal data in respect of the purpose of their processing; the controller shall be obliged to block inaccurate and incomplete personal data and rectify or complete them without undue delay; inaccurate or incomplete personal data that cannot be rectified or completed in order to make them accurate and complete shall be clearly marked by the controller and destroyed without undue delay,
  7. to ensure that collected personal data are processed in the manner enabling identification of the data subjects only during a time period necessary for achieving the purpose of processing,
  8. to liquidate those personal data after termination of purpose of their processing; after its termination is admissible in the necessary extent for the historical research, scientific research or statistical purposes which shall not be deemed incompatible with the original purpose of processing. The controller shall also mark, anonymise them if it allows achieving the purpose of processing and destroy them immediately as they become obsolete,
  9. to process personal data in accordance with morality and act in a manner not contrary to Law.


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