Procedure on personal data protection

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If you suspect that your personal data are processed unlawfully, you are not satisfied with the process and manner how your request is dealt, you may notify the Office.


The notification may be submitted:

  • in a written form
  • verbally into the record
  • via electronic means while it has to be provided with qualified electronic signature
  • via telegraph or telefax while it has to be completed into the record in three days’ time

The reference for a preliminary ruling pursuant to Section 63(2) must include

  • the name, surname, address of the permanent residence and signature of claimant
  • identification of the person against whom the notification is filed; name or name and surname, registered office or permanent residence, or corporate form and identification number
  • the subject of proposal stating which rights were violated by the processing of personal data according to the claimant
  • evidence supporting the allegations stated in the notification,
  • a copy of a document proving the exercise of the right of the data subject, provided that such right could have been exercised or the reasons worth special consideration

The Office shall decide on the request of the claimant within 60 days from its receipt. The Office is allowed to extend this delay in due case, maximum of six months. The Office shall inform concerned parties on this extension.  




If the proposal initiating the proceedings is delivered to the Office by other subject than the claimant, the proposal is considered as a petition of proceedings initiation and the natural or legal person which submitted the petition is not considered as a party of the proceeding. The Office shall inform this person on assessment of its petition without undue delay. The Office shall asses the proposal within the period of 15 days from the day of its delivery. If the Office shall not proceed pursuant to Section 63 Paragraph 6 it shall initiate and shall decide the matter in the proceedings in time-limit of 60 days since the initiation of the proceedings.


Proceeding based on the result of inspection and own initiative


The Office can start proceeding based on its own initiative according to findings from its own activities on suspicion of violation of Act on Personal Data Protection or on the results of inspection in case the deficiencies were determined in the course of the inspection pursuant to Section 60(2) in relation to Section 63(7) of the Act on Personal Data Protection. The Office shall decide in both cases within the period of 60 days from the day of initiation of proceeding. This delay can be appropriately extended taking into account the nature of the case. The parties should be notified on this extension.


Appeal against the decision


The party of proceeding can lodge an appeal against the decision that not entered into force at the Office within the period of 15 days following the day of its delivery to the party in the same way as notification.


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