Rights of the inspection authority

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The inspection authority has following rights

  • to enter the lands, buildings or premises of the operations and facilities of the controller and of the processor,
  • to request from the controller, processor and their employees (hereinafter the "inspected person") to provide them in a determined time limit with documents and other papers, opinions and information, data processed on storage media including technical data carriers, reports and source codes of programs, provided that they own them, and other records necessary for execution of the inspection, originals or copies and to enable them, in justified cases, to make copies also outside the premises of the inspected person,
  • to request from the inspected person to provide, in a reasonable time limit, complete and true oral and written information, opinions and explanations in respect of the inspected and related facts and determined deficiencies,
  • to require cooperation of the inspected person,
  • to access the filing systems as the system administrator in the extent necessary for performing of the inspection,
  • to verify identity of the inspected persons and of the natural persons acting on behalf of the inspected persons


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