Rights of Inspection body

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The Inspection body has the right to

  • enter the land and premises of an inspected person, if there is no need for permission pursuant to a special regulation,
  • have access to means and devices that serve, could serve or should serve for personal data processing by the inspected person,
  • have access to data in automated processing devices up to the level of system administrator, including that in the scope needed for executing the inspection,
  • verify the identity of natural persons that act on behalf of the inspected person or cooperate with the Inspection body,
  • require from the inspected person to provide the Inspection body with originals or copies of documentation, other documents, statements and information, personal data processed on storage media, including technical storage media for personal data, printouts and source codes of programmes if he or she owns them or are available to them in compliance with the conditions to their acquisition, and other materials or documents needed for the inspection; in justified cases allowing the Inspection body to take originals or copies even outside the premises of the inspected person,
  • request from the inspected person within a reasonable time complete and correct oral and written information, statements and explanations of inspected facts and facts related to the inspection,
  • document evidence related to the inspection by making pictures, audio recordings, video recordings or audio-video recordings, even without the data subject’s consent,
  • request the inspected person’s cooperation in other areas falling under the scope of the subject matter of the inspection,
  • require cooperation at the place of inspection from others than the inspected person, particularly from the inspected person’s processor and his employees or other persons if it is reasonable to presume that their activities are related to the subject matter of inspection or if it is deemed necessary for clarification of facts related to the subject matter of inspection,
  • summons the inspected person and others than the inspected person to appear in the determined time and in the determined place with the aim to provide the explanation relating to the subject matter of inspection,
  • perform joint operations together with supervisory authorities of other member states pursuant to a special regulation


Anyone shall cooperate with the Office as it performs its duties and competencies and allow the Office to supervise whether the obligations lay down by this Act or special provision and decisions issued based on this Act. This provision does not apply to section 81 paragraphs 7 and 8.


Under section 3 par. 4 of the  Act on the State Language of the Slovak Republic


“In official communication with the authorities and legal persons referred to in paragraph 1, a natural person or legal person shall use the state language, unless this Act, separate regulation or an international treaty promulgated in a way set down by law provides otherwise. Any person whose mother tongue is a language that meets the criterion of basic comprehensibility in relation to the state language can use their mother tongue in official communication with the authorities and legal persons referred to in paragraph 1. The authorities and legal persons referred to in subsection 1 shall be obliged to accept any document executed in a language that meets the criterion of basic comprehensibility in relation to the state language, insofar as such document has been issued or super-legalizated by the competent authorities of the Czech Republic.”

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