About us

The Office is a state administration body with national jurisdiction over the territory of the Slovak Republic, that participates in the protection of fundamental rights of natural persons in relation to processing of personal data and executes data protection supervision, including supervision of personal data protection by competent authorities for performance of the task for the purposes of criminal proceedings.

The Office, when exercising its jurisdiction, acts independently and is governed by Constitution of the Slovak Republic, constitutional act, acts, other generally binding legal regulations and international treaties binding upon the Slovak Republic.

The headquarter of the Office is Bratislava. The Office is a budgetary organisation.

The Office is headed by the president, who is elected and recalled by the National Council of the Slovak Republic upon proposal of the Government of the Slovak Republic. The term of office of the president is five years.

The president of the Office shall be represented by the vice-president of the Office, who shall be elected and recalled by the Government of Slovak Republic upon proposal by the president of the Office. The function term of office of the vice-president is five years. The vice-president is Ms Anna Vitteková, who was elected by the Government of Slovak Republic on 2nd December 2015 and with effect from 2nd January 2016.